Voltron Inspired Jacket (Shiro)

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Voltron Shiro Jacket

Voltron: assemble! How would you like to rep your favorite team leader, Shiro? Well, with our Voltron Shiro Jacket, now you can! This hoodie jacket bears the design of Shiro's black armor, and on the back has the printed word 'Leader' to show his role in the Voltron crew. Our Voltron Shiro jacket is made of a light weight, breathable material, so you can wear it in any weather! Even better, this Voltron Shiro jacket is part of a set. So, you and four of your friends can defend the universe from the Galra Empire together!

This jacket is for casual wear, but is also great for a casual Shiro cosplay. If you're the sort of person that is a natural leader, cares about their friends but is just a little bit tortured, then this Voltron Shiro jacket is perfect for you.

Voltron Shiro Jacket Sizes

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LENGTH (IN)26"27.5"30"

Voltron Shiro Jacket Care

If you have any questions or concerns about your new Voltron Shiro Jacket, please contact us . Not sure how it'll look on you? Take a peek at our lovely Look Book to see how they present for casual wear.