Loli Bitch Inspired T-Shirt

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Loli Bitch Pink Shirt

What do Rin Kagamine, Kagami Hiiragi, and Taiga Aisaka have in common? Why, they're all Loli bitches! And you to can now show the bitchiness and cunning that lies behind that sweet face with our Loli Bitch pink shirt! This pink shirt is perfect for all those who identify with the struggles of being adorable and getting what you want. Our Loli Bitch tee is a pink shirt with the graphic of a cute young girl (a loli, if you will), surrounded by the words 'Loli Bitch'. This also pairs perfectly with our 'Shota Shit' t shirt for an adorable couples look!

What are you waiting for? Use that cute face to get everything you want with our Loli Bitch pink shirt! And if you don't get what you want...cry those crocodile tears!

Loli Bitch Pink Shirt Sizes

Sizes available include: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Loli Bitch Pink Shirt Care

The Loli Bitch pink shirt is made of cotton. If you have any questions or concerns about your new Loli Bitch pink shirt, please contact us. Not sure how it'll look on you? Take a peek at our lovely Look Book to see how they present for casual wear.