Pokemon GO Zapdos Inspired T-Shirt

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Team Instinct Zapdos Graphic T Shirt

Who's the best team? Team Instinct, otherwise known now as 'Team Fried Chicken'! Because what is Zapdos if not the most fried chicken to ever exist? Moltres? Never heard of 'em. Anyway, who needs fire when you've got the electricity of a good Zapdos t-shirt! This is a yellow t-shirt with the graphic of a Zapdos, representing Pokemon GO's Team Instinct logo, with the words 'Team Fried Chicken' beneath.

Whether you're walking around looking at your phone or beating a virtual gym, we all know that yellow is better than red or blue, so rep your favorite Zapdos-loving team today in our Team Instinct Zapdos t-shirt!

Team Instinct Zapdos Graphic T Shirt Sizes

Sizes available include: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Team Instinct Zapdos Graphic T Shirt Care

The Zapdos shirt is made of cotton. If you have any questions or concerns about your new Zapdos shirt, please contact us. Not sure how it'll look on you? Take a peek at our lovely Look Book to see how they present for casual wear.