Voltron Inspired Space Cat Squad T-Shirt

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'Space Cat Squad' Voltron T Shirt

Who loves Voltron? We do! And we especially love our whole team of robot space cat pilots! You too can show your love with our 'Space Cat Squad' Voltron t shirt. This Voltron t-shirt has a comfortable black base and a white-lined graphic of the words 'Space Cat Squad' surrounded by stars, and all five of our beloved pilot characters. But there's an extra special secret to this voltron t shirt: it glows in the dark! Now you can rep your Voltron squad in the brightest day and the darkest nights.

This Voltron t shirt is for casual wear only. If you like our Voltron t shirt, we also have Voltron jackets for each of the space cat crew! Glow with the squad and get your Voltron t shirt today!

'Space Cat Squad' Voltron T Shirt Sizes

Sizes available include: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

'Space Cat Squad' Voltron T Shirt Help

This Voltron t shirt is made of cotton. If you have any questions or concerns about your new 'Space Cat Squad' Voltron t shirt, please contact us. Not sure how it'll look on you? Take a peek at our lovely Look Book to see how they present for casual wear.